May 18, 2020 Coping with COVID-19 Update
3 quick points for you:

1. Big WHAT'S NEXT patient email coming next weekend with a different format.

We are all moving into the next COVID-19 mitigation phase as some stores and some services re-open in Ontario. Dr. Carson wants YOUR questions about what is next for coping with COVID-19. Please type it in this form (where it states "your answer"). We will look at all the questions from our patients and we will answer the top 10-12 of these in our next patient email. 

click on this link to type your question into a form for us:
Questions have been closed for submission - check out Update #6

2. Community Support Services website address is:

3. My local hospital colleagues have a very informative doctors' Whatsapp group and this  excellent article came to my attention today:
It is about a 15 minute read and explains so much.

Stay safe!