Thank you for inquiring about seeing Dr. Carson for a sport injury concern. I want to inform you that I have altered my focused practice of sport and exercise medicine. As of June 1, 2020, I will no longer be available to see almost all new or past sport and exercise medicine patients in my office. I will be continuing to see patients from our family medicine practice in our office. In York Region, we know that Dr. C. Fortier in Newmarket and Dr. D. Stoddard in Thornhill have similar practices. Dr. T. Chugh in Aurora has a concussion assessment clinic. In Toronto, our former associate, Dr. Sari Kraft assesses sport medicine patients at the Cleveland Clinic. Your family doctor can also refer you elsewhere for this type of care. To those patients who have entrusted our office to assess and manage your sport injury concern in the past, we thank you.


Dr. James Carson