We provide a full family medicine experience for patients of all ages. In addition to our Sport and Exercise Medicine assessment, diagnosis, and management, we provide full orthotic and custom bracing services. Please consult our fee schedule below and ask the doctor for details

Medical Emergencies
Patients with serious medical emergencies should go to the nearest Emergency Department.

No-Show and Late Fees
We charge $75 for missed complete physical examination appointments with Dr. Carson if 24 hours notice of cancellation is not given. 

Scheduling and Office Appointments
Regular visits: 15 minutes
Annual Health Assessment: 45 minutes 

We must limit each visit to three (3) concerns. If patients have more than 3 concerns, they will be asked to book a follow-up appointment. If a patient has a problem that will require a long visit, the front desk must be informed at the time of booking.

Patients must bring and present a valid OHIP card to all visits. The government will not cover medical services for anyone without a valid health card. For non-OHIP patients, fees have to be paid prior to leaving the office after seeing the doctor. Official receipts are provided, upon request.   

Email Communication Service
To enhance the value of the health care provider-patient relationship, Dr. Carson has established an email address for communication between patients and our office, which is Due to the confidential nature of our communication with patients, the
Email Communication Guidelines must be adhered to.

We request that you call us personally for any diagnostic results. This policy intends to ensure your privacy.

Uninsured Services
We have an ANNUAL SERVICE FEE of $80 per family or $60 per individual (both plus HST). This offers patients the pre-paid advantage of NOT being billed per service for items below that OHIP will not pay for. These include: prescription repeats when necessary; telephone advice; short forms, notes and letters. (not legal or insurance)


​​Annual Service Fee          Individual                         $60.00 (+ H.S.T.)            
​                                        Family                              $80.00 (+ H.S.T.)  

Prescription Renewals                                            $40.00 
Form/Letter – Not insurance or legal                     $55.00  (+H.S.T.)
Missed Physical(less then 24 hours notice)           $75.00

Records Transfer            Partial Chart                       $40.00
Full Chart                           $75.00

Orthotics                        One Pair                             $545.00
​                                       Custom Shoes or Sandals    $595.00

                                                             (One pair)